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CARE Ministry

Create an environment of caring
Assist those in need
Recruit the gifts and talents of the body
Equip and Encourage the body to do the same for one another

CARE Coordinator

Julie O’Brien

Bucks Church CARES for you!

The CARE Ministry assists in coordinating care for needs that arise in the body in order to help support those not otherwise connected with a ministry at Bucks who can help.

When we hear of a need, a small group or ministry someone is involved in is the first source of care we pursue. If the group is already aware of, or able to help with the need, we step aside. If the group is unable to help for some reason, needs additional support, or isn’t a place of connection for the one in need, that’s when CARE Ministry steps in!

Our team of volunteers are ready to help and support in simple but meaningful ways. CARE Ministry areas of service include: meals, light house/yard work help, visitation/phone calls, and encouragement/sympathy notes.

Simply put, CARE Ministry exists to act as a safety net for those in the body who might otherwise fall through the cracks, and feel alone or without help in a time of need. We desire for everyone who calls Bucks Church their home to feel connected and cared for.

For more information, please contact Julie, above.
If you'd like to be a volunteer in the CARE Ministry, click here.