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Preschool Director

Tricia McLeod

Give your child the best beginning to his or her learning experience! New Beginnings Preschool provides our students with the academic, spiritual, social and physical skills they will need to enter kindergarten. Intellectual stimulation and interest is developed in the areas of:
  • Phonics
  • Numbers
  • Language Arts
  • Poetry
  • Reading Readiness
  • Music Instruction
We encourage children to develop large and small motor skills by organized indoor and outdoor play and game time. Above all it is our desire to see your child develop a strong Christian character. Therefore, we provide Bible instruction and integrate scripture throughout our program in a warm and loving environment. 

Application & Financial Policies

Please print the application below and submit it with the $50 registration fee enclosed to:

Bucks County Community Church
Attn: New Beginnings Preschool
1249 W. Maple Ave. 
Langhorne, PA 19047
For questions or more information, please contact us at 215-260-5659 or via email

A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in New Beginnings Preschool. I would like to give you some information concerning our program. Our curriculum is designed to encourage growth in your child’s mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development. We provide a comfortable and secure environment for your child’s first experience away from home, in preparation for their subsequent years of schooling. We expose the children to many and varied facets of knowledge and learning, and especially to help them see that learning can be fun and exciting! We help the children experience the joys of caring, sharing, learning, self-control and cooperating as an individual and as a part of a group.

Some of the activities that your child will be involved in are large and small motor skills, drills and games, story-telling, show-and-tell time during our theme discussion, indoor and outdoor play, music, art, poetry, drama, Bible time, phonics, numbers, reading readiness skills, language arts and literature, and calendar and weather instruction. We are also planning some field trips to provide first-hand experiences for your child.

With a few exceptions, which are noted in our school calendar, we will follow the Neshaminy School District calendar for holidays. Our 3-year old program meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings OR Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 12 noon. Our Pre-K4 programs meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 12 noon. Our Pre-K5 program meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 12 noon. We also offer a “lunch bunch” hour from 12 pm to 1 pm for an additional fee (child must bring his/her lunch).

I hope this has answered any questions you might have had; if not, feel free to call me - cell phone 215-260-5659;  or via email Lastly, please remember to pray daily for our program, the children, and the staff, that it might be a profitable, safe, and enjoyable year for all those involved.

Tricia McLeod
Preschool Director

2023/2024  Schedule